Song of the Day 03/07/12: Beach House - "Myth"

I know I like just featured these guys and you've probably already heard this song, but there is such a thing as buzz-worthy. Therefore I present to you the new track from Beach House entitled "Myth" coming off their upcoming album Bloom. "Myth" doesn't find the band moving in any drastic new directions sound-wise, but it definitely is proof that Beach House is interested in beefing up their sound a bit. The drums, synths, and bass seem to pack a little more punch this time around and everything feels fuller and more fleshed out. The song is catchy, which is to be expected -- but it's also got a certain finesse to it in that it feels leaner and more concise compared to previous Beach House songs of this kind. I'm really liking it and I'm excited to hear where the band goes with some of the non-single tracks as well.

Take a listen below:

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