Song of the Day 03/21/12: s/s/s - "Museum Day"


What you are about to hear is one of the most insane collaborations you'll ever come across. s/s/s is a side project of big name artists -- but not ones that you would normally find working together. The three "s"' stand for Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, and Serengeti. The project's first debut EP is called Beak and Claw and you can download the whole on iTunes right now. If you thought Sufjan's work in Age of Adz was bizarre, you'll really get a kick out of Beak and Claw. He's back using that Auto-Tune again, but this time he's got underground rapper Serengeti spitting verses for him -- so I suppose it makes a little bit more sense. Either way, I'm seriously loving the sound of this project. Check out "Museum Day" below:

Song of the Day 03/20/12: The Shins - "40 Mark Stresse"


It's official. The Shins are back and they don't suck. Even after seeing these guys perform last year at DeLuna in Florida with their new band members, I still had major doubts about the band's comeback. It was just too long of a wait -- I've changed a lot in the past 5 years and perhaps even grown up a bit. However, with Port of Morrow, it's clear that the band has done a bit of growing up too. "40 Mark Stresse" is one of my favorite songs off the album. That falsetto chorus gets me every time -- I just love the melody and the chords and the ambient background vocals filling the mix. Check it out below:


Song of the Day 03/16/12: Lana Del Rey - "Lolita"


I know talking about Lana Del Rey is SO two months ago, but I have to mention how amazing the song "Lolita" is from the Deluxe Edition of her debut album Born To Die. It's got to be one of my favorite songs of hers and I'm pretty amazed that they cut this track instead of ones like "Radio" and "This Is What Makes Us Girls". I'm not sure if I really got to mention in my review that posted on Relevant, but I should mention that I really do enjoy a lot of the album. Unlike a lot of the indie publications that have pushed away the songstress as quickly as they accepted her, her album and that unique sound that the producers have crafted has really grown on me. Take a listen below:


Song of the Day 03/11/12: Andrew Bird - "Desperation Breeds..."

Andrew Bird, the now-famous multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter indie extravaganza, just released his new album Break It Yourself and it's already making a name for itself.

There's countless musicians out there who have love affairs with loop pedals, but to me, Andrew Bird is really the only who's mattered. His seventh studio doesn't make any huge jumps in style or instrumentation -- Bird still finds plenty of inspiration in folky acoustic guitars, quiet percussion, and wailing violins. But in Break It Yourself, Bird seems more confident than ever before. His melodies are stronger, his voice more expressive, and his arrangements more daring. Check out the opening track from the album, "Desperation Breeds..." below:


Song of the Day 03/07/12: Beach House - "Myth"

I know I like just featured these guys and you've probably already heard this song, but there is such a thing as buzz-worthy. Therefore I present to you the new track from Beach House entitled "Myth" coming off their upcoming album Bloom. "Myth" doesn't find the band moving in any drastic new directions sound-wise, but it definitely is proof that Beach House is interested in beefing up their sound a bit. The drums, synths, and bass seem to pack a little more punch this time around and everything feels fuller and more fleshed out. The song is catchy, which is to be expected -- but it's also got a certain finesse to it in that it feels leaner and more concise compared to previous Beach House songs of this kind. I'm really liking it and I'm excited to hear where the band goes with some of the non-single tracks as well.

Take a listen below:


Song of the Day 03/06/12: Lambchop - "Gone Tomorrow"


I have no idea how a band Lambchop has flown under the radar the way they have. The recently released album, Mr. M, is the first I've heard of the alternative country/lounge/soul band -- but they've been putting albums out since 1994, this being their 11th. Coming at the album with very little background knowledge of the band, I've really found a lot of the sounds and styles the album is playing with to feel quite refreshing.

The album dives into the styles of smooth lounge music and baroque pop, bringing a collective of string and horn players to the mix. "Gone Tomorrow" is the album's single, but "If Not I'll Just Die", the album's opener, is easily my favorite. Like most of the songs on Mr. M, the song is downtempo and has a lulling lounge feel -- as do frontman Kurt Wagner's casual vocal deliveries. It's the kind of song to wake up to -- easy on the ears and quietly soothing.


02/12 Album of the Month: Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It

It's been a while since I've really enjoyed an album like Put Your Back N 2 It. Blatantly sentimental, Perfume Genius' emotions are all on display in both the music and the words here. Lead singer Mike Hadreas' vocals tremble and shake ala Conor O'Berst, but the emotions feel so incredibly authentic and real. Production-wise, Perfume Genius has moved away from the hazy bedroom-pop of his previous album and given us something tangible and in-your-face to wrap our minds around. Fortunately, the project is well-suited for the new full-realized sound, allowing the emotive vocals to find a proper match in the bigger feel of the accompanying sounds. Check out the track "Dark Parts" from the album below: