Addressing My Absence!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't written anything in a while. There's been a ton of awesome music out there that I've been really into and I really have wanted to share my thoughts here but just haven't had the time. If you haven't heard, I recently moved down to Decatur, Georgia (its just outside Atlanta) where I've been doing an internship with Paste Magazine for a few days now and will be here until mid-December. Check out the site, as I'll be posting news articles, reviews, and others articles on a daily basis!

Until I find some time to write some reviews, check out a few of these albums that I've been listening to (some I like, some I like less):

Bon Iver - Bon Iver
Little Dragon - Little Ritual
My Morning Jacket - Cirtuital
Canon Blue - Rumspringa
PJ Harvey - Let England Shake
The Throne - Watch the Throne
The Antlers - Burst Apart
Cults - Cults
Washed Out - Within and Without
Jhameel - The Human Condition