The Feedback Loop

A feedback loop refers to any system in which the output of an event results in the same repetition or assimilation of this output into the input of new events (so says Wikipedia right?). The name of my blog, The Feedback Loop, refers to the way culture, music, and specifically different kinds of music seamlessly feed back into themselves, creating a constant mishmash loop of art, media, and entertainment that we commonly call popular culture. The blog will review and comment on new music through this lens, as well as through the lens of music journalism and analysis.

I'm excited to get it underway, and will be starting off with a countdown review of my favorite music releases of 2010, starting with #20, which will be posted within the next couple of days. It's been an awesome year in music and this is my way of catching up with all the interesting stuff that's been released this year. Stay tuned, thanks for reading, and please subscribe!

Currently listening to:
Janelle Monae - Locked Inside

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